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All I can say is…wow. Not a good feeling. 

Officer Darren Wilson’s gofundme has more money donated than Michael Brown’s memorial fund. White privilege at it’s finest. 

I don’t usually post about stuff like this, but please share this in hopes of more people donating to Michael Brown’s family. You can find the gofundme page: here.

are you fucking kidding me this guy is getting MORE MONEY for KILLING AN INNOCENT 17 YEAR OLD!!!!!!! AND HE IS ON A PAID LEAVE FOR THIS. He shouldn’t be receiving money at all. What the fuck America.

Why I don’t associate myself with the human race…

I just donated to the Michael Brown fund. Every little bit helps and it’s going to be used by his family on lawyers, his funeral cost, and travel expenses as they seek justice, consider donating if you can.


Stop calling what’s happening in Ferguson a “riot”.

It is not a riot.

Vancouver losing the Stanley Cup a few years ago was a riot. It was angry, drunken destruction with no purpose. (And as a Canadian, it was a shameful event)

Ferguson is not a riot. It is a protest. It is an uprising. It is a civil rights revolution. The prople of Ferguson may be angry, but they have a reason to be angry, and they are not violent, and they are not hooligans, thugs or looters. They are protesting for their human rights which are currently being denied.

Look at the difference between a riot and a protest. A riot is chaos. A protest has a purpose.

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